Great news!

You’ll be exhibiting at one of the region’s largest B2B exhibitions.

Delegate Newsletter

Introducing, the new Shout! Expo newsletter.

Targeting over 25,000 local businesses and organisations, together, we want to boast about the fantastic products and services that are available within the North West. With an extensive database of businesses, we want to promote what you are doing and how you can help.

Type of content we’re looking for:
Product launches
New facility opening-up
Expanding into a new region
Latest business offers
New funding available
New services available
and many more…

Basically, we want to shout about our exhibitors! If you have something you want to tell people, let us help Shout! about it.

This newsletter is scheduled to be released on a fortnightly basis. Please submit your content stories to

Exhibitor Newsletter

Shout Expo hosts over 2,000 delegates at each event but let us not forget that other exhibitors can be your potential clients as well. If you have a product or service that will benefit other exhibitors at the event, we’re more than happy to Shout! about it on your behalf.

This newsletter is not on a set schedule but based on content availability.