Convince your boss

1000’s of business leaders from around the North West all in one place; what more does your boss need to know?

We’ve got you covered. Download our events overview for Shout Expo 2023 and convince your boss that you MUST attend.

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Networking opportunities

Conversations at an expo lead to some great connections, and industry insight gleaned at an expo can be invaluable. Attending a Shout Expo exhibition is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the conversation.

Lead generation

Attending an expo is a great way to generate new leads. By networking with exhibitors and other visitors you can gather a wealth of information and valuable leads that can lead to sales when followed up after the event. 

Team building

For employees who are based on site and rarely get to see other businesses and competitors, visiting an expo is the chance for team building and developing commercial acumen. Managers can get to know trainees and vice versa well in an expo environment. 

Market and competitor research 

Where better to conduct market research than at an expo filled with your potential clients and competitors? We don’t mean carrying out surveys: just watching and absorbing information about the businesses in the room can be extremely valuable. 

Companies that have exhibited with Shout Expo